Tilt and Turn Windows

uPVC tilt and turn windowTilt and turn windows are an incredibly user-friendly equivalent to casement windows. When tilted, the window opens the top of the sash inwards improving ventilation. When turned, the bottom sash of the window moves inward in a side hung function.

Easy to maintain, easy to open

Thanks to their intuitive opening options, tilt and turn windows can be cleaned from the inside, making their maintenance incredibly easy: perfect for above-ground level applications.

Excellent energy efficiency values

All of our tilt and turn windows are A rated for energy efficiency. This means that they’re great at retaining the heat of a home. They can potentially save you money on the price of your own heating bill.

Improved security features

Available in both aluminium and uPVC tilt and turn windows are perfect for homeowners looking to improve the security of their properties, or for parents wanting to take steps to childproof their home. Tilt and turn windows can be easily fitted with special child locks that restrict how far the window opens, making it perfect for application in a home with very young children.

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  • A rated as standard
  • Double glazing supplied as standard ensuring excellent energy efficiency
  • High security locks for improved strength
  • Incredibly easy to maintain
  • Intuitive opening option improves ventilation
  • Child opening restrictors available.

Material Options

Material options

  • Aluminium with internal beads for increased durability and thermal retention
  • uPVC for good all-round performance and value

Colour Options

Tilt and Turn window colours

Choose from the colours below or choose hundreds of of RAL colours.
Please note colours are digital representations only. To ensure you choose the right colour please contact the team to receive a colour swatch.


White Woodgrain










Irish Oak


Golden Oak



Glazing Options

Glass options

  • Double glazing as standard
  • Triple glazing for excellent thermal insulation
  • Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass for reduced maintenance
  • Pilkington texture glass for increased privacy
  • Pilkington K glass for increased thermal efficiency
  • Saint Gobain SolaGlass for improved solar gain

Hardware Options

Hardware options

  • A range of hinges, handles and locks available to choose from